Future Fabulators Jam in the Park | Concurs de Slam Poetry | Jazz live

Sâmbătă, 4 iulie, ora 18.00

Locație: Pavilionul Future Fabulators, Parcul Central, lângă clădirea UAD



1. Înscrie-te în concurs prin email la office@altart.org

2. Citește cele patru scenarii de viitor (mai jos)

3. Alege-ți un scenariu și compune un text în limba engleză bazat pe aceasta care să poată fi recitată în maxim 3 minute.

4. Vino sâmbătă la ora 18.00 în Parcul Central să îți prezinți creația în dialog spontan cu  chitaristul jazz Andrei Roșulescu.

5. Premiile vor fi acordate prin votul publicului. Premii: Locul I: 1400 lei, Locul II: 800 lei, Locul III: 600 lei.

6. Publicul va vota prezența, articularea, complexitatea relația cu tema propusă și interacțiunea cu muzica live.



Patru scenarii despre realitatea Clujului în 2065 au fost imaginate de participanții la atelierul de imaginare de scenarii de viitor ”Viitorul pe Planeta Oraș”. Conform tehnicii de forecasting ”Alternative Futures”, cele patru lumi imaginate au ca premisă: (1) Creșterea continuă, (2) Colapsul, (3) Disciplina și (4) Transformarea condițiilor actuale de viețuire urbană.



50 years from now all consumption will be regulated. This will be the time of global moral panic that will generate new, radical moral movements. It will have churches with believers and fanatics. Still, this core fanaticism will generate another movements, for example the consumptionists, and consumptionism will emerge as the main counter-ideology. The government will not be a fan of this… they will rather call themselves The Restrictionists, which will become state ideology. there will be clashes betweem these ideologies, often on the strets. in the city Public transportation will prevail and we’ll have food ratios. This will result in the emergence of a strong black food market, expecially for luxury items. the police will crack down on designer food stash houses. becasue everything will be rationalized, There will be no fun in our lives. People who still remember the times of abundance will setup the Revivalist movement with the slogan “spring should come”. they will be old, perhaps already to old to teach young people about the good old days when people were allowed to have fun. Herbalism will revive and medicine will become nationalist, based on traditional herbal remedies. On the main roads of Transylvania we’ll have checkpoints to filter out people with different accent than transylvanian. Art will suffer as art needs failures that are considered by the government a waste of resources. Instead the government will organize subsidised orgies. You will be allowed to go crazy but you’ll have to do it in an efficient way.


2. 2065. GROWTH

Due to a 2% compound demographic growth, the population of Cluj reaches 1 million inhabitants in 2065. Nearby villages are incorporated in the city, remote villages are abandoned. Few of the small towns continue to exist, yet they are highly depopulated. The world is made of smaller countries. What Spain was in 2015, has become 3 countries, UK 4 counties and former Romania is now 4 separate countries. Since UK left the European Union in 2018, there has been a continuous transformation of what EU means. Currently the Union is solely a common free trade area. The raise of the sea level, generated by climate change, produced geographical and political transformations. The territories that once were the Danube Delta and the Romanian Black Sea coast are now under water. This climate change generated a huge migration wave. Cluj has become a migration hEaven. Discriminatory anti-migration policies have been adopted – migrants of certain regions – form West and North – have been declared desirable, while migrants of the South have been considered undesirable due to their lack of potential for city’s growth. Our entire economy and city infrastructure is based exclusively on renewable energy sources: hydroelectric, solar and wind power. All devices and activities based on gas or oil have ceased to exist. A sustainable approach to resources is adopted, Cluj is one of the world’s Green Capitals. The main housing structures are low-rise blocks of flats – 4 storey buildings – well insulated to optimize energy use. Only 10% of the population lives in houses. Cluj is a major tourist destination with over 10 million tourists a year. Tourism is clean-green. Medical tourism is also a major component. The city constitution provides that the president of the city can only be a highly improved android of German BUILD, seconded by three human vice-presidents: a Romanian, a Hungarian and a Roma. The city is run by a government appointed by free elections, exclusively on the basis of the professional qualities. The system in place is a socially responsible capitalism – the rules for the responsabilities to be undertaken by companies are established and observed by the government. Technology reached a peak in the year 2025, after this threshold a new balance technology-nature has been reached. In our rather prosperous society, arts&culture and science are highly valued and supported. The city’s main economy is university. Branches of the University of Sorbone and Oxford have been opened here.



The Transformation comes from the inside. The BIG Transformation came as a natural phenomenon, due to the alignment of the stars, generating an opening of the 3rd eye in all humans. By this a natural connection among all beings has been created. All humans have access to all knowledge, thus language and other communication tools become obsolete. As a consequence, there are transformations in the shape and functions of the body. Social behaviour is closer to nature and natural connections – we naturally feel what is appropriate and what is not. We are more peaceful, there are no insecurities. There is a systemic harmony – the system naturally cares for each of its parts. Our everyday solutions are simpler. No asphalt roads, there are walking paths that take the place of roads. Most of the former infrastructure is not used anymore. Downshifting as a lifestyle happens naturally. Living happens in open dwellings, most of our former houses have been turned into green houses and gardens. There is no authority, no power structure. Learning takes place of education. Learning becomes part of our genetic code – it happens through socialization. The food is provided by foraging and gathering. The economy is based on gifts – giving replacing exchange.


4. 2065. COLLAPSE

A major catastrophe has happened since the earth resources have been exhausted and humans lost control of the technologies they built during the 21st century. The ground is contaminated, deserted ruins everywhere. Only very rudimentary tools and technologies are available – bow and arrow, solar powered machines. Those that control them have the power. we have Wars and warlords. Resources are scarce, survival agriculture is the main activity. There is no education. All life skills – crafts, farming, warcraft – are learned by ”stealing”. All knowledge is orally transmitted. Gangs of outlaws inhabit the dark forests and rob peasants of their crops. Food is a matter of life and death. In winter humans hibernate. The life expectations of humans is 35. Children become autonomous – ready to hunt and harvest on their own – at the age of 5. The transport is done by horses, donkeys and carriages. Since there are no means for long distance travel, the communities become monocultural – a very simplified genetic code. there is only one hybrid language. no culture as we knew it. New religions based on shamanism and prophecies take over. To bear through the pain and hunger, humans are most of the time under the effect of hallucinogenic drugs produced from hemp. The Transylvanian shepherd dog is a highly valued asset, able to protect food and resources. shepherds in the mountains have a better life quality then people living in the city. Post collapse radio waves are transmitted through radioactive waste. Reception is done through the metal dental fillings.




Concursul face parte din proiectul Future Fabulators, care urmărește să ofere un cadru de explorare a unor scenarii posibile despre viitor creând spații semi-ficționale prin povestire și fabulare.

Organizator: Fundația AltArt

Parteneri: Jazz in the Park/Asociația Fapte

Time’s Up (AT)

Foundation of Aperiodic Mesmerism (BE)

Madeira Interactive Technology Institute (PT)


Co-finanțat de:

Programul Cultura al Uniunii Europene

Primăria și Consiliul Local Cluj-Napoca.