Future Fabulators Exhibition

Future Fabulators Exhibition

3-9 October 2014
Venue: College of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences
85 Minerilor Str., Cluj, Romania

Time’s Up (AT): Lucid Peninsula
M-ITI (PT): Lucid DreamScope
AltArt, Bazil, Ștefana Dunca, Octavian Fedorovici (RO): Lucida Console
FoAm (BE): Lucid Elucidations

Lucid Peninsula is a fictional place. In this world, just around a metaphorical corner or two, some conditions are different. Working outside, as an example, leads to the need for cleaning and healing, medical technology helping this process. Resting, sleeping through this process, the capacity to dream is vital, to enjoy, live in, be aware in and share dreams a necessity. Perhaps it takes a few hours, perhaps longer. A long sleep phase leads to a long dream phase. Dreaming is an important part of life, memories of a time when things were different, when things were more like they are now.

The Lucid Peninsula is an imaginary space expressing many of the doubts, hopes, fears and possibilities that the near future might offer us. Four explorations of this space offer a glimpse into this world and invite further fabulation from the visitors.

Lucid Peninsula is the result of an experimental exploration of scenario planning and building exercises undertaken by FoAM and Time’s Up in June 2014. Lucid Peninsula is a part of Future Fabulators, an EU Culture funded collaboration of Time’s Up (AT), FoAM (BE), M-ITI (PT) and AltArt (RO), exploring experienceable futures strategies in the cultural sector. The exhibition is hosted by the College of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences as part of an open partnership with the Paintbrush Factory – centre for contemporary arts.

Time’s Up (AT): Lucid Peninsula
If Zhuang Zhou was a futurist, might he ask “When I awake from a dream of the future, am I living now, dreaming of then, or am I from then, dreaming of now?”
As long as people have travelled and they will continue to, a place to rest between legs of the journey will remain relevant. Lucid Peninsula portrays such a place – a hotel room of someone, stopping on their way from somewhere to somewhere else in a world almost like ours. But not quite.

M-ITI (PT): Lucid DreamScope
The DreamScope Viewer – a telescope enabling visitors to peek into a virtual reality 3D landscape of the Lucid Peninsula, with its dusty atmosphere, its gin distilleries and its nests. And one more navigation tool, the DreamScope Catcher a location aware mobile application to browse through the dreams of its inhabitants. Lucid Dreams can be caught in three locations within walking distance from the exhibition rooms.

AltArt, Bazil, Ștefana Dunca, Octavian Fedorovici (RO): Lucida Console
A machine archiving the collective knowledge of inhabitants of the Lucid Peninsula reveals to you your own identity in this world. You may be a healer, an explorer, a twitcher, a dragonfly herder, a librarian, an owl or an identity trader. Are you prepared to know your destiny? Use body movements to answer the questions of the machine.

FoAm (BE): Lucid Elucidations
A set of cards extend the Lucid Peninsula in unexpected directions. The cards contain instructions or suggestions designed to be used in a range of settings – from sidewalks and parks to kitchens or bedrooms. The cards enable you to re-create different aspects of the story, the creative process or the experience of lucid dreaming beyond the walls of the exhibition.

Organiser: AltArt Foundation
College of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences (RO)
Time’s Up (AT)
Foundation of Aperiodic Mesmerism (BE)
Madeira Interactive Technology Institute (PT)
The Paintbrush Factory (RO)

With the financial support of:
European Union – Culture Programme
Cluj-Napoca Municipality
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