“Art Cooperation Transmission Democ[k]racy”

“Art Cooperation Transmission Democ[k]racy”

Because the withdrawal into separatist identities that occurs in many European countries is an alarming symptom of a crisis of democracy within Europe, the “Art Cooperation Transmission Democ[k]racyproject promotes art as a fundamental critical space for debating the future of democracy.  The project encourages theoretical research and artistic creativity as tools of critical analysis and inventiveness with regard to new ways of engaging in democracy.

The A.C.T. Democ[k]racy project calls for a permanent commitment in favour of powerful experiments which can contribute to the practice of democracy in both art and thought, by devising constructive attitudes with regard to new cultural challenges, as well as encouraging diversity in aesthetics, thought and culture.

Seminars / Research and critical space : The project consist of a multidisciplinary laboratory uniting 30 multidisciplinary researchers concerned with issues related to democratic and artistic issues: anthropologists, architects, designers, teachers, philosophers, sociologists and urban planners. This laboratory works 4 issues that affect arts and cultural emancipation in democracy: education, freedom, urbanism, poetics.

Exhibitions / Creation of democratic imaginary: 4 exhibitions are produced on the theme of “Art and Democracy”, by bringing more than 40 European artists who circulate and disseminate their works in the partner cities of Rennes (January-March 2013), Eindhoven (June-August 2013), Cluj (November-December 2013), Belgrade (March-May 2014).

Residencies / Creative and pedagogical projects:  4 exchange residencies of 10 students and 10 teachers are organized between the cities of Rennes (November 2012), Eindhoven (May 2013), Cluj (October 2013), and Belgrade (January-February 2014). These residencies offer an opportunity to discover, design and share teaching and artistic projects.

The project is passionately in favour of movement, interchange and openness as the first conditions for the free circulation of ideas and works, so the 3 laboratories are in permanent crossing, concomitance and porosity throughout the project.

Actions are taking place from September 1st, 2012 to August 30th, 2014.

A.C.T. Democ[k]racy PARTNERS/HOSTS:
– La Criée centre d’art contemporain, Rennes, France
– Kulturni beograda Center, Belgrade, Serbia
– University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca, Romania
– European School of Arts Bretagne – Rennes, France
– Altart Foundation, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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